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Great real estate agent – What does it take?

Great real estate agent – What does it take?

A lot of people truly believe that they are the best, but it takes other to decide that, and all you can do is accept their judgment, and be happy if they prove your opinion. That is why all you can do is look up to others and hope that one day, people will think that you are as good as them in your line of work. You need to look up to people who are proven leaders in their line of work, just like Kate Mekckler is one of the leaders in real estate business in the City of New York.

This is not something that some people have arbitrarily thought of; this is something that has been proven by various media, and in the case of the real estate agent Kate Meckler by a company called Warburg, which has stated that Kate has consistently been one of the top ten grossing real estate agents in the year of 2006. After that, Kate has been away for a while, but has since come back, following in on her old footsteps.

So, what is it exactly that makes this person of the best real estate agents in a city crowded with people doing exactly the same job? Well, first of all, she knows what she’s doing, she is knowledgeable, she is extremely professional, she known what her clients want, and she is not afraid to go through all the lengths to deliver it for them. In face, her relationship with her clients is so close, that come of them have even become her close friends!

However, it may be a bit funny to hear this, but Mate has never intended to be a real estate agent, and has actually worked in marketing after graduating from the Riverdale Country School and the New York University. She has even taught at some schools, before finally deciding that she wants to be a real estate agent in the city she knows like the back of her hand; the city she was born in, a city she loves and wants other to enjoy.

Kate Meckler has one of the best track records in selling cooperatives, condominiums and townhouses, and some of them have been sold in record prices, meaning that she knows what she is doing, and that she is doing it as she should.

imagesHowever, being the best at something also means that you have to help others, and that is why this new mother is also a board member of the charity organization called Love Heals, and is also involved in so many others, most notably the Partnership for Public Service, the Young Lions Society, Reach Out and Read, etc. This means that apart from the fact that miss Meckler works a lot, she also makes time for helping those who are in need, and that is exactly how you become one of the best at your line of work – you work hard, you help others, you care for them, and you try to do the best you can.

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